Laurent Halimi and his team found Osae Partners

After founding and developing Weinberg Capital Partners’ real estate fund management division for 11 years, Laurent Halimi and his team are partnering to found an independent investment and asset management structure, Osae Partners.

Within WCP, the team has raised and invested two value-add real estate funds and created a program dedicated to senior housing projects. “The WREP#1 fund achieved a net IRR of >17% and a net equity multiple >1.7x. The WREP#2 fund (c. € 200 M) has been fully invested between 2013 and 2018” (Laurent Halimi).

WREP#2 (c. € 400 M AUM) will maintain the same corporate governance, WCP and Osae making decisions together within the investment committee. Osae will be WREP#2’s asset manager. WCP will continue the senior housing program (€ 100 M AUM) on its own, Osae remaining the asset manager until a new WCP real estate team is hired. Two deals have been secured and structured as club deals during this transition period. Their acquisition is expected by the end of the year.

Osae Partners plans to raise a new fund in the coming months, Osae Real Estate Partners #1, with a target of € 250 M. Dedicated to the French market, OREP#1 will invest in office, retail, hospitality and housing, in complex situations and assets with a strong value creation or transformation potential.